dermatology clinic

Immerse yourself in the world of Radiance Health and Beauty, where every treatment is a commitment to your beauty, backed by the highest standards of medical expertise. Our dermatologists combine beauty and health to give you a glow that lasts.


My name is Drew Vandenberg and I am proud to be your primary physician and guide to the world of beauty and skin care.

At Radiance Health and Beauty, we don't just strive for visual beauty, we offer you a full range of professional services for the health of your skin. We value every patient and invite you on a unique journey to improve your appearance and well-being.

Our team of professionals is focused on creating personalized care and treatment programs, and I am personally committed to providing you with the highest level of medical service.

Radiance Health and Beauty is more than just a clinic, it's a place where every member of our team goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and confident.

Welcome to Radiance Health and Beauty, where your beauty is our passion.


our Team

Sophie Debrouck

An expert in dermatology, Sophie develops personalized care programs and provides professional advice. Its goal is to make your skin healthy and glowing.

Lara Dekker

Arthur helps clients identify their beauty goals and develops customized plans to achieve them. His aesthetic vision helps clients realize their beauty potential.

Emily Van Roy

Emil masters modern technologies in the field of cosmetic procedures and is passionate about creating a harmonious and natural appearance.

We are dedicated to providing you with not only visual beauty, but also the overall health of your skin.


"Radiance Health and Beauty is not just a clinic, it is an exceptional experience. I am grateful to Drew and his team for their professionalism and warm attitude. The results exceeded!"

Ludovic Devos

"Sophie is a true wizard! She developed a unique treatment plan for me, and the results are visible immediately. I am very pleased that I chose Radiance Health and Beauty!"

Clara Verstappen

“I was fascinated by Arthur’s professionalism. His consultations on aesthetics helped me find exactly the look I dreamed of. Thank you for the individual approach!”

Jean-Luc Dupont


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