About us

about us

Welcome to Radiance Health and Beauty, your oasis of beauty and well-being in the heart of Belgium. Our unique approaches and outstanding team of specialists create a unique experience for our valued clients.

With us, every procedure becomes an art. We combine medical precision with creativity to achieve incredible results.

Radiance Health and Beauty implements advanced technologies to provide modern and effective treatments. We are constantly improving our methods to meet your needs.

We pride ourselves on creating a personalized and inspiring experience for every client. Radiance Health and Beauty is not just a clinic, it is a guide to your own beauty and wellness.

Radiance Health and Beauty is not just a clinic, it is a place where beauty meets taking care of your health. Feel the difference with us!

why choose us?

Individual Approach

At Radiance Health and Beauty, we understand that every person is unique. Our doctors and specialists create personalized care programs based on your unique needs and desires.

Professional Expertise

Our doctors are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field of dermatology. We implement cutting-edge technologies and treatments to provide you with outstanding results.

Integrated Approach

Radiance Health and Beauty not only improves your appearance, but also takes care of the health of your skin. We strive for harmony between aesthetics and overall well-being.



"I've always been reserved about beauty treatments, but Radiance Health and Beauty has changed my attitude. Professional and personal approach - they understand you here."

Philip Wanders

"Radiance Health and Beauty is a place where beauty dreams come true. The treatments offered by this amazing clinic have produced amazing results. I am thrilled!"

Lisa Dumoulin

"Caring atmosphere, professionalism and great results. Radiance Health and Beauty is my new go-to for maintaining my beauty and healthy skin."

Camille De La Cour